Desalination Engineering Services

General Desalination Consulting Services

Consulting services are provided for clients that require support for either the specification/tender/procurement process or for clients that are seeking BOO or BOOT water-sale contracts. ISI offers an extensive range of advisory, planning and consultancy services including surveys, investigations and reconnaissance studies, due diligence, condition assessment, asset valuation and feasibility reporting. Contract and bid preparation support is also provided including specification, qualified bidder evaluation, and contract BOO and BOOT development.

Desalination Engineering and Design

ISI provides direct engineering support in the form of basic and detailed process and mechanical design and engineering for desalination projects. Industrial Services Inc. will optimize customer requirements with appropriate desalination technology, taking into consideration specific site variables to provide a long term reliable desalination water supply.

Desalination Project Management

ISI has also provides project management, site supervision, performance guarantee evaluation, commissioning and design review. Cost analysis and operating efficiency evaluations can also be provided.

Our Role In Your Desalination Project

ISI has a broad reach of engineering capability that provides support for desalination projects from inception to completion. Our services can be grouped into five broad areas:

  1. Owner's Engineer
  2. Technical Advisor
  3. Independent Engineer
  4. Architect Engineer
  5. Equipment Design and Supply

ISI can provide these services individually or as an integrated engineering company, providing support on many levels.

Project Development

  • Feasibility Reporting and Project Reporting
  • Project Budget including Capital and Operations
  • Site Evaluation
  • Project Specifications

Contract and Specification Development

  • Contract Development, Issues and Related
  • Bid Preparation including Commercial and Technical
  • Water Sale Contract Models
  • Qualified Bidders Shortlisting
  • O&M Specifications
  • Lender and Banking Engineering Representative

Desalination Project Design and Engineering

  • Mass Flow
  • Layouts and Arrangements
  • Power and Operations Determination
  • Process and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Procurement Specification and Evaluation
  • Document Review and Control Evaluation
  • Civil and Architectural Contractor Development

Project Implementation

  • Project Management
  • Budget Evaluation
  • Site Supervision
  • Drilling Evaluation and Supervision
  • Scheduling and Cost Accounting
  • Commissioning and Progress Review
  • Training and Testing
  • Performance Evaluation

Reverse Osmosis Technical Advisor

  • Civil and Architectural Engineering
  • Services are offered in any project phase, in any configuration from either turn-key equipment supply or single service.

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