• Does ISI offer containerized SWRO systems?

    Yes. Fully containerized systems typically minimize on-site installation time and required civil works. Pricing is highly dependent on actual plant layout and size. Please contact ISI directly at 802-482-4006 for more information.

  • Does ISI offer systems capacities greater than 450,000 GPD (1703 m3/d)?

    Yes. Higher capacities can be attained by using multiple standard systems, or ISI can design a custom solution to meet your needs. Please contact ISI directly at 802-482-4006 for information and pricing on custom systems.

    The Proposal Generator can be used to explore different capacity scenarios. For example, to achieve 600k,000 gpd, you can select two 300,000 gpd systems, or three 200,000 gpd systems, etc. Depending on plant criticality, demand fluctuations (both daily and seasonal) and demand growth over time, multiple small systems may be desirable to one large system.

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