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Seawater Reverse Osmosis Skids

ISI is proud to introduce our line of pre-engineered seawater reverse osmosis skids capable of producing water suitable for drinking, irrigation, and industrial use. These skids were designed with the end user in mind. We have achieved reliability and ease of operation through simplicity.

When you order our RO Skid you will recieve the following:


  • Steel skid and framework
  • 8 inch pressure vessels loaded with spiral wound membrane elements
  • High pressure alloy piping
  • Low pressure PVC piping
  • Process Valves
  • Full system instrumentation and gauges
  • RO Train marshalling cabinet
  • All parts fully assembled and ready to install

If this is a new installation you will need to purchase our high pressure pump skid as well. Various other systems required to run an RO water plant include the following:

  • Pretreatment System
  • Product Transfer System
  • Cleaning System
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Control System Cabinet

Please feel free to contact us if you need help determining what you will need for your water plant.

(Note: For Enhanced Energy Recovery systems, please refer to the Proposal Generator. For Brackish water systems please contact factory.)

Capacity GPD (m3/d) Low Salinity
(30,000-39,000 TDS)
(GPD / m3/d)
Standard Salinity
(35,000-39,000 TDS)
(GPD / m3/d)
High Salinity
(39,000-44,000 TDS)
(GPD / m3/d)
60,000 (227) 60L 60S 60H
80,000 (303) 80L 80S 80H
100,000 (379) 100L 100S 100H
120,000 (454) 120L 120S 120H
140,000 (530) 140L 140S 140H
160,000 (606) 160L 160S 160H
180,000 (681) 180L 180S 180H
200,000 (757) 200L 200S 200H
225,000 (852) 225L 225S 225H
250,000 (946) 250L 250S 250H
300,000 (1,136) 300L 300S 300H
350,000 (1,325) 350L 350S 350H
400,000 (1,514) 400L 400S 400H
450,000 (1,703) 450L

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